Sunday, November 19, 2006


Well I have done it. I have bought Norm a Digital SLR the same as mine - a Canon 350D. Its for Christmas, so don't tell him and spoil the suprise. I need to get him a bag and a lens now so am still busy looking. God I am broke now.

My friend Hes is into digi photography too. She is thinking of doing it professionally. She is on a course this weekend in Reading at She PM'd me last night and told me that the first day was FANTASTIC!! She is there again today, out on location. I am sooooo jealous lol.

I want to do this course as well, but am saving up so that Norm and I can both go after Christmas. I think we would both enjoy it.



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Ham said...

As far as cases go, I love my Lowe Slingshot 100. Really easy to use and works well on my bike, too.