Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday sayings

Went to post my parcel for ebay this morning and car battery DEAD!! Norm was not happy - he's got it on charge now. I had to email her and say would post asap.
I see they are closing another few thousand post offices again. I find it difficult to believe that they intend to do this again. At this rate there will be none left. What about the CUSTOMERS!!!!! They need to improve the general service, never mind about closing PO's. Lost post - post delivered to wrong address etc etc etc .
Wish someone would invent a transformer like on Star Trek so it would just appear at buyers home, then we wouldn't need them at all!
Cleaned all the kitchen cupboards today and the cooker, fridge, washing machine and dryer - horrible job. At least they look presentable now lol. Just got to sort out the tops now and get rid of the clutter, like the House Doctor says lol. Will do that tomorrow if I have time.
Gonna put tree up tomorrow - Norm hates doing it cos it takes ages to put up, never mind about the decoration. Still I will do that part. We didn't have one last year - it was not the same - def want one this year. Might even take some pics of it this time.



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