Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

Strange day - looks horrible outside, but still warm. Had the builders in today, and had our water system repaired. They had to put a pump in so that we get a steady flow of water - Its been trickling, and a real pain !!
I was really good, and wrote all my Christmas cards this afternoon. I will post them this weekend - they should get there in time hopefully. Mind you Royal Mail UUGGHH!! Well you know what I think of them!! I see they have confirmed closure of 2,500 PO. THEY HAVE NO IDEA!! Don't start me on that one again .......
Katie my Siamese is miaowing at me now - she must be hungry - will go feed her



1 comment:

Paula said...

I adore Siamese.
Music is playing nicely, love the soft sound.