Saturday, January 20, 2007


I have been fiddling around with my camera today - managed to get settings on Raw and BW ( you can tell I am a novice lol) and took a few shots in the garden. Then I edited the raw pic to get different looks. I tweaked contrast and sharpness to get the look I wanted. Please don't judge on composition etc - this was merely an exercise in handling the camera and finding out different settings and what they will do. All the bells and whistles as they say lol.

First shot of wall in BW

Then I changed it to colour...

and a few more


and finally just a colour pic.

It was interesting because I know you can go from colour to BW, but didn't think you could go the other way round, so that is something I have learnt.
Its tiring though trying to concentrate - my head hurts lol - going for a lie down now lol.



Paula said...

Really great pics, I'd hardly call them fiddling!!!

Nat xxx said...

Fab pics! i really love the b&w one of the wall!!!
Nat xx