Monday, January 29, 2007

I am K********d!!

Well my get fit resolution started today. I bought a Line Dancing DVD - I think its more fun that normal keep fit stuff, and its easier to start with too, as I am TOTALLY unfit!!

I spent about half an hour learning a new dance this morning, then going through it a few times - oohh all my aches and pains but I did enjoy it!! BUT I hate getting OLD!!

No weight loss again this week - I am very disappointed really, cos I have been quite good - no sweeties, choccies, cakes biscuits etc, no sugar in drinks, low fat meals and smaller portions. I only eat when I am hungry as per Paul Mckenna. Its gotta be the lack of excercise - we will see this week!



Nat xxx said...

Aww stick to it Vee, you're making all the right moves (quite literally with the line dancing!!!) so your hard work WILL pay off :D xxx

mandy said...

Love the smile on that ladies face on the front of the line dancing cover!

Your layouts are gorgeous Vee, just noticed I'm in your list of really cool people, thanks so much for that, I am indeed honoured!!

xxhugs and kissy wissiesxx