Friday, January 12, 2007

Paul McKenna

I have decided to give Paul McKennas Weight Loss CD's a try. Nothing else seems to work for me. I listened to the CD for the first time yesterday - not sure if it worked or not. I am trying to think before I eat, so maybe it is?
Anyway, I sat with the CD again this morning and was just drifting off when my cat jumped on my lap miaowing !!! I could have killed her
Anyway I watched his programme I taped from last night, instead, so I have had my fix today.
My shopping arrived today from Tesco - so I have my healthy snacks...... I find that after tea time is my worst time - I need to snack and nibble. I have bought some mini ryvitas - they are nice and only a small pack, so not tempted to eat too much, and a pack of nuts and dried fruit. Fruit juices, particularly pomegranate to reduce cholesterol, a little yogurt, and a little fruit. I love ready meals - I know I shouldn't , so I have substituted my usual full fat ones, with the healthy alternatives - they are lovely, with lower fat and smaller portions, so suit me.
My new Weight Watchers scales came today - I kept looking at them - I was very nervous - I really didn't want to know how much I weighed - well what a surprise - I am several stones less than I thought was - funny how your self image gets distorted when your self esteem plummets. Anyway i still have several stone to lose, but feel alot more positive now.
I will let you know how I get on, and whether this system works.




Paula said...

My self esteem dropped & I felt far fatter than I was & it is a vicious circle. I am not over weight to look at but my body is carrying 1 1/2 stone it has never carried before & I am lethergic. I have tried cutting down portions but then snack far worse afterwards.
Let me know if this CD works I wil be interested to learn. At the mo I can't excersie due to a poorly back. My lower vertebrae are fusing!

Nat xxx said...

Nipped to your blog from the Paul McKenna thread on UKS - hope you don't mind me saying hi! hope you're going to be blogging your progress as I'm planning to, I think it will keep me on track (or rather I HOPE it will!!)
Will look forward to see ing how you do and getting to know you over on the thread :) Nat xxx