Thursday, February 15, 2007

A-z Mini Book D-F

Three more images for my A-Z Mini book. I am really enjoying this, it brings back many happy memories.

D is for Dogs

The 2 dogs I have owned and loved - Sam was bought for me when I passed the 11+, and Jason I bought when I started work - Both great dogs.

E is for Engagement Ring

My engagement ring that I bought in Spain - We visited a diamond factory whilst on holiday. Norm asked if I wanted to have my ring made there - I was thrilled - I chose the diamond and the setting, and watched it being made. What a fantastic memory. It also doubled in value when we had it valued on our return to UK, so even better lol.

F is for Family

My family - main picture is of whole family in about 1953, taken at Fishermans Walk Southbourne. Top picture is my mum and dad on their golden wedding anniversary. Next is my brother Jerry, and the bottom one is my eldest brother Peter - both those pics taken at my wedding.


Monika said...

Love your layouts. Think I will keep checking back.

Paula said...

Great pages. I did comment on this but it seems to have disappeared. I was checking back to see where you were!!

jackie said...

Great pics and pages. Not into scrapbooking myself since hubby is proffesional photographer and he would just about kill me if I cut his pics, but you seem to do it so tastefully and don't go overboard... Nice work!