Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Good Day!

AOL hasn't crashed on me yet today, but shhhh there are still a few hours to go....
Finishing off an art project for a friend - thats gone well today....
The best bit is Norm and I went out for a drive today, just for a couple of hours. We ended up in Bakewell in the rain - pretty town nevertheless. I found 2 great charity shops and got some great goodies for altering.

Some great boxes - one with a mirror in and one full of coasters... a great proverb book as new, a small art book which I will alter, a tin, some tissue paper, a shell - all were about 50p to a £1 each - great value. Will put some pics on here when I have done them.
I really enjoyed mooching around, and not breaking the bank lol.
Hope you all had a good day too, despite the rain.

V xxxx

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