Sunday, August 12, 2007

Little Bugger!

We are having to be sooo careful with the windows - the kits have learnt to open them ( by accident) and Alfie fell out(or jumped) of the kitchen window yesterday - 2 floors!! We couldn't find him anywhere, and by pure chance I looked out of the window and he was standing hackles up on the grass, facing down a neighbours cat ( who is HUGE). I nearly had heart attack - how he survived the fall 2 floors up I will never know, and then spoling for a fight - Norm said he was a bruiser. Norm went and got him, and he behaves as if its quite normal lol - little sod .... and he looks as if butter wouldn't melt!


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Terrie said...

They're a worry aren't they? But, he's shown that he can do it so maybe you can relax a bit more now, especially if he's a bruiser. Our cat before she died, regularly used to jump down from enormous heights without ill effect and there's a cat opposite where we live now that somehow gets up onto the house roof and jumps down from there.