Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Well still here! Its been ages since I have had a chance to write on here. I have done 2 more CJ's and had a cold virus and what with Christmas as well, its been very hectic.
I am nearly ready for Christmas, but still have to do my cards - I will try to do them this afternoon....We have most of our food except for fresh veg etc, so not feeling too bad about it all. I have even bought a stocking for the cats lol with a mouse and a ball in it plus some treats.

Anyway, this was my first CJ with a Pear stamp enclosed. I wanted to to use my moonglow inks, and shrink plastic, and this just developed, based on pear trees in Provence.

The second CJ had a Stairs stamp - this was quite hard to think of anything, but then I thought of Mae West, come up and see me sometime..... the pictures followed from there, added with my trusty moonglow inks. It was an envelope with a tag inside, and I also created another tag inside the stairs stamp.

Thanks for looking - Please leave a comment if you want to.

Veronica xx


Hazel said...

It's lovely, Veronica, the colours are just so gorgeous and the poem is beautiful. Thanks!

Alison G said...

I shouldn't have peeked really but I am glad I did, it's lovely thank you :)

Paula said...

Gorgeous stuff, Veronica.
Hope you are feeling better soon.
I have been poorly myself. Had a virus that turned into a chest infection. Some 10 weeks later & almost £100 depleted from my bank account in perscriptions etc.. I am on the mend!!! Its just Rhinitis & Impetigo to deal with now.
Still, I'm determind to have a great Christmas as I have battled to get what I want this year, some peace & quiet & time alone.

Merry Christmas to you if I don't get back here soon.xx

Terrie said...

Veronica, they're both gorgeous. Particularly like the one with the pear stamp. It was worth all the thought that went into it.