Sunday, February 10, 2008

A New CJ

My effort for the stamp CJ - 3 ladies sitting in a row. I got the idea from an american site - I can't remember which one, but it suited the stamp perfectly. I used Persia paper sprayed with gold moonglow. The ladies were stamped on to angel fibres paper that I made. The pics show the front and back of the tag.

Hope you like it


Paula said...

Crikey you have some difficult themes to deal with!!
I have started blogging my entires in each of the team's CJ but mine isn't finished.I have a few bits to do to it & all the phtos to take!! The weekend retreat ws fab, just us 9 girls from our UKS team crafting away & getting to know each other in a 150 year old Farmhouse.IT snowed but sadly not hard enough to keep us there & it was back to earth with a bump last Tuesday,straight back to work! I can't believe its a week since I got home. Time flys too fast!!

Flo said...

great idea for this stamp, which is a tricky one

bet it looks lovely all shimmery with the moonglow

sorry to hear about your S-I-L