Saturday, March 29, 2008


Found this whilst I was stumbling around the internet.Very effective and fantastic result.Wonder if it would work on a smaller scale and with moonglow inks?

Super Sprayer - video powered by Metacafe


Cass said...

Wow....what a stunning picture. Love how he made that look so easy!.

Cass xx

Heather said...

lovely blog! really like the banner at the top, so colourful!

Shirley said...

Amazing !!!

Enfys said...

Are you going to have a go? Would love to see it!

Jazzy1972 said...

WOW, how stunning is that, if you do try it with moonglows you must show us, fab video thanks for showing it to us. Jay xx

Sarah aka Flo said...


I could watch this over and over :)

watching at work so no sound, which made it even more surreal