Saturday, May 03, 2008

Next CJ

This CJ is the title Happy Days. I decided to remember a very happy time of my life, when we all went to Southbourne every year for our holidays.

The text says

As a young schoolgirl from 1955-65 I went on holidays to Southbourne, with my family. They were very happy days of hot sunshine and golden sands. To get from our B&B to the beach we had to go through Fishermans Walk, a small area of woodland leading to a pool on the cliff tops.
There were red squirrels, which were fairly tame and would take food from my hand if there were not too many people about. We used to carry on past the bandstand to the pool area. This was filled with what seemed HUGE goldfish!. If you put your finger in the water, they used to come to the surface and suck your finger, and I used to be thrilled and so excited.
Then we would go on the cliff-top lift down to the promenade where we always had a beach hut. I remember days of meeting friends, hot stew cooking on the calor gas stove, learning to play cribbage with my dad, and listening to the test match on the little portable radio. Happy Days.


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Inspiration Alley said...

Seaside holidays were always important when we were young. Your memory of stew cooking on the calor gas stove reminded me that my mum and dad used to collect muscles and cook them on a calor gas stove. People were always stopping and asking if they could buy them.

I like what you've done with the cj, it works really well.