Sunday, October 26, 2008

Yaaaaay I won my first award

My friend Taluula has honored me with the following Blog award. Thank you so much I am thrilled!!

This Arte y Pico award has a few rules:
1. You must pick 5 blogs deserving this award for their creativity, design, interesting material and for contributing to the blogging community.
2. Each awardee must have the name of the author and a link to their blog.
3. Each award winner has to show the award and put the name and link to the blog that has given her the award.
4. Award winner and the one who has given the prize must show the link of Arte y Pico blog, so all will know the origin of this award: Arte y Pico.

What is the meaning of the expression: Arte y Pico
What is the meaning of the expression: And basically, ironically, it translates into a wonderful phrase in Mexico, “lo maximo.” LOL! It will never find its counterpart in English, but if it HAD to, it would be something like, Wow. The Best Art. Over the top.

I am selecting the following very talented artists to receive this award from me:

Bella - fantastic original artwork. She was and is my inspiration.

Hazel - Always something different. Great blog

Trish - always interesting and unusual, with great work.

Lou - Great friend and a wonderful, talented artist

Sir Tim - I am sure he has had loads of awards, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his blog!!

Here is number 6 Great blog

Helen, who has a fantastic arty crafty blog that I love reading.

I knew I wouldn't be able to keep it to 5 - there are so many fantastic blogs out there.


Hazel said...

Thanks, Vron, that's really kind of you to think of me. There are so many amazing blogs to choose from, too. How do I think of just 5 LOL!

daydreamer said...

Well Done on your award, your blog is fab
Rach x

Catherine said...

Well done you!

~Izabella said...

halo my dear!!

wow!! i am totally honored & thrilled to pieces~ thanks so much for making my day!! you are precious!!

i will work on my list this week~

thank you again!! and by the soooooo deserve this award, you are a total inspiration to me as well~

xo!! ~Bella