Saturday, February 28, 2009


I had so much fun doing a "surreal" piece for the Artarazzi challenge this week. I have never done this sort of thing before, so had a look at lots of examples and decided to try my own.
I used an image by Vladimir Kush as my base, and downloaded random photos from Stock Exchange, to try to make an image that was pleasing to the eye.

I call it "The Hand of God"

This was my first go...

This was my second go after tweaking it a bit more.

Background Vladimir Kush
All photos Stock Exchange
Buildings 904009
Sheep 1045066
Lightning 1088954
Ballet Dancers 1124393
Hand 1143794
Sky 1147300

Not sure which I like best... I just had FUN!


Femmy said...

both are absolutely fabulous!!!

Tacey said...

These are awesome, Vron! I like them both, but the colors in the first make it my fave. :-)

"MOI" Freubel said...

it was for me also just the second time that I created something Surrealistic. First i've search't for a tutorial but at the ending i've decided to make it my own way :-)
You're pictures are great Vron !

Taluula said...

both are lovely Vron.

Jo Capper-Sandon said...

I think the first works best for me...colours are more tranquil. Very clever, wish I knew how.

indybev said...

The first is my favorite. Some of the details are lost in the dark of the second. I like the concept, and the feeling is definitely surreal! Great work, Vron!

Claireabelle said...

Wow!!! THese are fab! very surreal

Joan Marie said...

Having fun is so productive! I love the first one of the two. Both are fantastic though.
Thanks for sharing Vron! :)
(-I see from the comments, Tacey and I think alike!-)

disa said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.