Monday, September 21, 2009

Tribute to 9/11 from Digital Whispers.

I completed 2 pieces of work as a tribute to 9/11 - the first one is an emotional response, and the second one more factual. I hope you can see the message in both.

Related to a Hero
What are heroes?
This is one question am proud to answer
The Heroes of nine eleven
Were the ones who risked their life
Who are they
Well there are
Policemen, Firemen, rescue workers, that's who they are
But why are they heroes?
That's another question I am proud to answer
They where the ones who rushed into the flames of ground zero
I am very sad to say though that
Hundreds of them never came back out,
But what here's?
Well they are the people who saving others,
And many of them died as heroes.
How come they had to die?
Well because they went into the burning twin towers
And try it save other people
And save those peoples families
From having such a lost
And the family of these heroes is proud to say
My husband, granddad, brother, sister, mom, dad
They are all heroes and I am proud to say I am

By: Mikayla Henning

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Sid said...

You have captured all the emotion of the event Vron !!