Tuesday, October 17, 2006

At last

At last I have the basic Blog setup that I want. Its taken me ages to sort out the slide show of my LO's, nearly gave up, but glad I didn't. I had a problem with one link, but eventually worked it out.
I have spent most of today
sorting out items for Ebay cheap listing on Thursday - that's another job I hate. I have hundreds of items, and its going to take forever. Still it has to be done. I am changing to digital scrapbooking, so all my paper items must go. The only things I am keeping are my tools, stuff for altered art and just a few special kits. If any of you are interested, a few bits will be listed on Thursday, and if you want anything in particular PM me cos I will probably have it for sale.
I really want to get my design business up and running, but need to get more space. I have finished several designs for birth announcements and invites etc, but need to cost them up then post them. Now enough hours in the day....
I hopefully will get a chance to post tomorrow

Take care .....


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