Saturday, November 18, 2006



Well this is my take on the blog prompt from UKS...... I had to give this alot of thought cos it was quite hard. It is not a NEW way to fire imagination, but going back to an old one that I had lost and forgotten.

When I feel totally stressed out, I lie on my bed and imagine walking along a hot sandy beach, hearing the waves lapping, and wriggling my toes in the golden sand. There is a cool breeze and absolute peace apart from the occasional cry from a sea gull. I am now totally relaxed.

The picture that I imagine is one that I took of the Big Sur in California, when we were on honeymoon. What I am trying to say is that photography itself fires my imagination. I used to take hundreds of pictures with my trusty EOS600, but that was thirty years ago, and I eventually sold the camera. Life took over I suppose.

As I am now retired and "need to get out more" lol, I have just bought a 350D digi SLR. I am thrilled with it and am looking for some lenses now on Ebay. The old "fire in the belly" has come back, and I am itching to get out and use it properly.

Norm mentioned the other day that he has never had a really good camera, and that when he retires (in 4 years) he will get himself a good one. Well, he doesn't know it but I am going to get him one the same as mine ( so we can share lenses) for Christmas. I hope he loves it as much as I do. Its something we can do together at weekends, and we might even do a course together to brush up on our skills.

So I think imagination is anywhere you can find it - mine is behind a camera, and that is where I will be looking for future inspirations.



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