Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Best Time

What has been the best time of your life? Why?

Well that is a question, but an easy one for me to answer. It was the day I met my husband Norm, 7 years ago. We met in a chat room, chatted for about 6 months then decided to meet. It was love at first sight, and as an added romantic bonus he bought me a dozen red roses and a gold heart locket at that meeting.
We married 4 years ago - it was the best day of my life - I was and still am sooo happy with him. He is a very caring, loving man, and he doesn't grumble about my stash lying around everywhere - what more could a girl ask for lol!

We married in London, and had our reception at Julies in the lovely garden room,

then went on to the Portobello Hotel - a hidden gem in London. We stayed in room 16 - THE room for those in love. It has a huge circular bed, and an edwardian bathing machine in the middle of the room - pure luxury. The couple before us in the room were Jonny depp and Kate Moss lol - They filled the bath with champagne, and a maid came in, thought it was dirty water and emptied it - it cost them a fortune lol.

The above are a couple of digital LO's in my wedding album.

After our wonderful day, we went on a tour of California for our honeymoon. It was absolutely brilliant, but will chat about that another time.

Our wedding day is a day that I was at my happiest, and one I will never forget.



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Taluula said...

I loved to read that Vron and to see your husband and you. Wonderful.