Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tandem Skydive

OHHH I am soo excited. I have just bought Norm his last chrissy pressy. A tandem Skydive day.. wwoohhoo
We watched it on I'm a Celebrity with Jan Leeming and Scott Henshall, and Norm said I have always wanted to do that. Well that was it - he will now. Debating about having a dvd made of the event, and I will take my camera to take pics. Should be a great day.
This is a pic of him on our helicopter flight over the Grand Canyon - he was in his element - I was terrified but loved it. We were so glad we had done it.

I really am broke now - that's it no more......

I am really tired today - was up early cos we had workmen to do some repairs today - I didn't want them to catch me in bed lol. We had a new extractor fan in the bathroom, and they are coming back to sort out our low pressure water. It never stops.

I sold another card today from my ebay shop - that pleased me... slow but sure. Always check Vee designs on my links, cos I am always changing my designs....

Time to eat now



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