Sunday, November 26, 2006

Sunday Ramblings......

Sunday ramblings here we go...........

OMG its been pouring down all night here in London. Woke me up a couple of times in the night it was so loud. Mind you no thunder and lightening - I hate that.
Had a lazy night watching TV last night - X Factor and I'm a celeb lol - real intelligent stuff! but great to laugh at and relax to. I then caught up on the first 2 episodes of Lost that I had recorded. They were brilliant as usual. Norm is watching Rugby Union at the moment on TV - I might watch Grey's Anatomy later.
Been working this morning. First big order for my cards - a set of 60 invites. Just waiting for final proof to be agreed then I will be printing them off.Glad to get that one under my belt.... Hope they like them after all the work.
I have been looking on the internet for places that Norm and I could go to, to take interesting pics, after Christmas.... within easy reach of West London... I am really looking forward to us doing this hobby together ... Will be good fun, and interesting too. I have found a few Photography blogs from around London etc which I have added to my cool people list - go take a look at some of them...
Might add to this later if I can squeeze a few more minutes during today

Have a good day all of you



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