Monday, November 27, 2006

Rant Rant!!

Why do companies keep you on the phone for so long before you get a chance to talk to anyone, and you have to go through half a dozen menus!!!!!!!!!!! I get soo pissed off with it.
I have just tried to phone Sky+ about our pin number. It took 4.5 minutes to talk to anyone on a premium rate number - then they couldn't help me - UUUUGGGHHHH !!
Sorry rant over - just had to get it out of my system ...

Just been mooching about today. Waiting for approval and payment for my invites, so that I can get started on them - I know they need them in a hurry.... (twiddling thumbs lol)

One of the prompts today was 5 favourite books. Don't think I can name 5 cos I like loads, but 2 that stick in my mind from the past are:

Mr Galliano's Circus by Enid Blyton ( showing my age now) I think I read that about 10 times. I still have it, and its falling apart - literally. I think I was about 7 when I had this and I LOVED it.
I also loved Mallory Towers, Famous Five, Adventure, by Enid Blyton, and also Jane Shaw and Angela Brazil .

I used to go with my dad to our local library once a week - Radford Library in Coventry. It was a wooden hut type of building, but the people who worked there were great. ( I know that when my dad died, they all cried when we went in and told them)
I was always encouraged to read. I remember when I was about 10, I was allowed, under supervision from my dad, into the adult library. I was so excited and felt very grown up. The only books I was allowed to read though were Agatha Christie books - my step into the world of adult books lol.

My all time adult favourite is Gone with the Wind - Margaret Mitchell - I bought this when I went to Coloma College - couldn't put it down.... and its a long book. I lent it out twice, and twice had to replace it cos I never got it back. I remember a room mate of mine Pat Rheinnhart, was half way through it and came back to our room with mascara streaks all down her face. She had been in the cellars reading it, and had missed lectures because of it. We did laugh, but it was that sort of book.

But I must admit to reading loads of easy reading too - holiday type books, such as Daneille Steele and Judith Kranz, and of course the Woman of Substance series, and Maeve Binchy. There are loads when you really think about it..


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