Thursday, November 30, 2006

Grumpy Old Men?

I have found a great blog today, written by Keith ( Smithy Road in my links).
What a breath of fresh air his blog is - I laughed all the way through most of it, and was sad at the rest.

He is also retired and I agree with him that getting older is not easy... I am lucky to have a wonderful husband, but family is sadly usually not heard from that much, except for one brother
It always suprises me that as you get older ( I am retired too), you have so much more to offer yet fewer people to share it with. It is often a lonely life for many. Experience of life has no value these days - its all "I want it now and I will pay for it later" syndrome. A far cry from my youth.
Anyway I will look with interest in the future posts on Keith's Blog - I feel a kindred spirit



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