Friday, December 01, 2006

Moany old biddy !!

I am in a moany mood today - I was woken early by the phone going, and when I got there they hung up. That makes me furious - I am afraid a few 4 letter expletives escaped my lips. I did 1471 but of course no number.... the b*****ds!!
That set me up for the day .... Its so dark today - its been pouring with rain all day - its so miserable. Don't feel like going out in it, so am huddled here. Couldn't decide whether to go back to bed.. Oh no I can't - expecting delivery..
That arrived from Sainsbury's at 12.30 - of course they didn't have everything I had ordered. Do they ever? NO!! So that p***ed me off as well! Husband is ceoliac, so can only eat certain things - so any replacement probably is no use - as it was today - so they had to be sent back. It's such a PAIN!!
Then it was clean the cooker time - God I hate that job. Other than ironing it must be the worst job in the world ....
Kids have just come out of local school and are screaming in the street - cat has just been sick

UGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH think I will go back to bed!!

hehehehehe - tomorrow is another day ( I hope)



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