Saturday, December 02, 2006

Saturday Ramblings

I feel a bit better today - I think I got it all out of my system yesterday lol.

Liked this cartoon lol

Had a very quiet day - didn't wake up till 11.00am - Norm let me sleep in - what a sweetie - then made me a cup of tea and switched my computer on for me ... ahhhhh lol.
Had a quick visit to Portobello Market to get veg, then came home and slobbed out. Coffee, chocolate and a recording of Lost - mmmmmmmm
Ages ago, I did all my 12x12 LO's form my honeymoon - 40 in total. Then my computer crashed and I lost them all - they had taken weeks to do, so u can imagine I was really pleased. Anyway, I couldn't face them again - too many of them, so its only recently that I have started to do them again - a few at a time. There is one here

I might do a couple more later - I will see how I feel.


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