Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Mutterings

I am a real shopaholic, so am now having to sell loads of my stuff to make room to live lol.

I have decided to get rid of all my crafting stash - moved over to digi - I didn't realize I had sooo much. I am doing a long list for the UKS marketplace, (decided against Ebay for the moment - would prefer UKS scrappers to get the bargains) but its taking ages, and i haven't even scratched the surface yet!! I think I am right that I can only do one big list a year, so have to get it all on one list - I think the system will come to a grinding halt when i send it in lololol. I am trying to a bit a day - but its so boring. I think it will be after Christmas before I finish... Unless i just get so fed up that i just list it before I have finished it - that sounds more like me lol.

I also have to put loads of clothes on Ebay as well uugghh - I think a visit to a charity shop is in order soon, mind you i am only on a pension so have to be a bit careful.

There are so many other things I want to do. I have a new 350D that i want to use - am dying to go out and take some pics - mind you the weather is terrible at the moment...

Oh well back to my list lol



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