Saturday, December 30, 2006

What do I call this post?

Well here we are again. I have been busy with odds and ends over the last few days.
Firstly Christmas/Boxing days - we have had a very quiet Christmas and Boxing day, just the two of us, but we both really enjoyed it. We spent time playing with our new Canon 350D's, and looking things up on the net. I have ordered a few photography books from Amazon to compliment things. My new lens that Norm bought me for Christmas arrived this morning - Canon 28-200mm. I am thrilled with it. Other than that, we ate too much as usual , and watched TV. The best was Vicar of Dibley - laughed all the way through it - sad it finishes on Monday.
What else has been happening - eeerrr.... - I have a new addiction - one which I def cannot afford . Luckily it can be bought in pieces...... its Trollbeads. I would love a bracelet and choose all the beads to go on it. I would want the beads to represent parts of my life, so that each is special, not just a pretty colour. I suppose its like scrapbooking - each bead then brings back memories..... I will post pics when I buy my first beads.
Cya soon


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Paula said...

Wishing you a Happy & craft filled 2007.xx