Sunday, December 31, 2006

Are you Ready??

Are you ready for New Year? I definitely am not! Whilst I love Norm dearly and have a happy life, I feel that I am drifting a bit aimlessly and life is passing me by. Some of that feeling is retirement - not HAVING to get up for work and having somewhere to go, and as a result I have got lazy. I don't really take any exercise and whilst I do not eat alot, I tend to eat the wrong things and so have put loads of weight on. I have decided that now is the time to try to have an even better 2007, and have chosen things that I hopefully CAN achieve! (Thanks for the help of Mail on Sunday for the ideas.)

So here is a list of things I have a good chance of doing, not in any particular order, except for the first one - no point having resolutions that are out of reach - you will forget them by the second week of January - well I do anyway lol.

  • Go to sleep happy - always have a kiss and a cuddle with Norm and remember how lucky I am to have him - count my blessings instead of sheep.
  • Keep in touch with my friends and family - its so easy to let these things slide - I love my family and friends, and don't talk to or see them enough.
  • Improve my self esteem - its rock bottom at the moment - try not to be a slob lol - dress more smartly particularly at weekends, make sure my hair is done regularly, use my body creams more - in other words look after myself more
  • Don't start or end a day watching things like violent stuff on TV, because it lives on in my mind.
  • Don't live in the problem - live in the solution - accentuate the positive. As a Capricorn I am a born worrier - I must change this to achieve this ambition.
  • Listen to my favourite music more and DANCE.
  • Have my dreams and make time to follow them - life is not a dress rehearsal- I only get one chance at it. I have always wanted my own Photographic Exhibition - maybe this year?
  • Don't wear a watch - slow down and feel the calm.
  • Plan my day so that I have something to get up for - get more done but at a slower pace.
  • Help others more - get outside my own problems, it puts them in perspective.
  • Make time to be creative - indulge and explore my creative potential. I will be using my camera more, and this will give me an aim in life.
  • Take more exercise - with my camera of course - no gym for me cos I know that I won't stick to that - tried it before. Go walking around London, in the parks and streets, and get the shots that mean something.
  • Eat more organic food - reduce the chemicals in my system - easy with Riverford Organics scrummy vegetables.
  • Eat less sugar and fat - notice I am not giving anything up - a complete waste of time for me - I CAN achieve eating less!
  • Listen to Paul McKenna CD's to help me change my life - I will not give up on this.

I hope I can tick some of these things off over the months, as I get into the new routines - after all these are not just for New Year, they are for LIFE - and I want to LIVE it!!



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Paula Pascual said...

Me? Never ready, but love your list. As a fellow capricorn I feel that most of the items on the list would be on my list.