Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to you all - I hope 2007 brings all that you wish for yourself.

Its a day of reflection today - what made me cry, laugh and reflect in 2006 and what did I learn.

The last one is easy - I learnt how to do digital scrapbooking - I use Photoshop, so alot to learn, but I managed and think I produced some lovely LO's - well I was pleased with them. I entered a few competitions and did quite well - actually came third in one of them, so as a beginner I was pleased. The project was freestyle and had to include a crown, wings and the word Diva.The photos are of Indra the daughter of a friend of mine who lives in Belgium.

These were some of my layouts.

What made me cry? Well the time that springs to mind is when a friend of mine, Hes, went for an operation to remove a cancer - although everyone tried to stay positive, it wasn't good news as it was big, and it was thought that it had probably spread. I was so worried that she wouldn't get through the operation. Anyway the upshot was that she had a rare condition that contained the cancer in one place, and so the surgeon could remove it all with no fear of it having spread. He said that he had never seen it before - when I heard I sobbed with relief for quite a while. A very happy day and I thanked God. She is totally cured. This made me reflect on how precious life is, and how we should make the most of it. Hence my resolutions that I made yesterday.

What made me laugh - Norm always makes me laugh - he has a terrific sense of humour - normally aimed at me !! He is a Londoner and I am a Midlander - the butt of his jokes - particularly about my midland accent. (Ohhh and Vicar of Dibley on Christmas night made me laugh out loud many times - brilliant.)

Smiling is easy - I always smile when I am reading posts on UKS website. The ladies are all wonderful and such good fun. They are talented, caring and very funny all rolled into one. A brilliant website made that by the people who belong to it.




Paula said...

Stunning layouts Vee. I think you have well & truly cracked it. I'm glad to hear you are entering competitions & soon you will be a winner.

Vicki C said...

wow beautiful LO's Vee, you deserve to be a winner!!! Chiquitita - UKS

Jenga said...

And may you smile much more in 2007 x