Friday, February 09, 2007

About Me

Front Cover

At last I have got started on my ABC mini book of me. I have finished the front and back covers. They took ages because i wasn'r quite sure what I wanted to do, so it was a bit hit and miss. I am quite pleased with the result although you can always do better can't you.

Back Cover

Inside both covers

I hope you like them - more to come - 26 of them lol.



Eleanor said...

Ooh scrummy Vee, truly sumptuous colours. Look forward to all 26 of the rest.

Sprogpaws said...

This is so beautiful, very rich and luxurious looking. Love that paper you've got on the inside too.

Paula said...

I love the colours it is gorgeous. Sometimes it is often best to wait & then it comes to you & you are so pleased with the results.
I am on with the pencil lines sketch right now as the boiler is actually on at the minute & I'm trying to make the most of feeling my fingers for the first time in days!!!