Tuesday, February 06, 2007


We are both going through a very sad time at the moment. We had to have our Siamese, Katie put to sleep last week, as she had kidney failure. We really miss her....


Sprogpaws said...

(((hugs))) I know how much my furbaby means to me, and how awful I've felt if he's gone walkabout for a night or two, so I dread to think how heartbroken you must feel. (((more hugs)))

Paula said...

Terribly sad time for you. I had to have my darling Thomas put to sleep two years ago for the same thing & it broke my heart.
I know exactly how you feel.{{{hugs}}}

scrapdolly said...

Sending you huge hugs
I know how hard this is - having been there three times.
The only thing you can do is remember all the happy times you shared and that you performed the ultimate act of love to ease her suffering
Maybe when a while has passed you will make a tribute to her - it does help the healing.
And I am sure she will be waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge.

Caz said...

Sorry to hear about Katie, sending you a large dose of Hugs Vicki.