Saturday, June 16, 2007


OMG the weather last night - horrible thunder storms and very wet - like sheets of water falling from the sky. My bloomin broadband went down - yet again, and again when I got up this morning. Still at least I can't blame aol this time !!

Before it started to rain, we chased off to B&Q yesterday morning - they had a special offer of radiator covers £15 - great deal - we bought 3 of them for the flat. Norm fitted the one in the hall yesterday and I must say it looks smart.. so I am chuffed.

This was before we did anything

This was afterwards - we have laid new floor, painted walls and put radiator cover on. Just the door to do now as you can see. I am pleased with the end result, considering our very limited budget.

Hope the weather improves - we were hoping to go to a car boot today but I think it might be just a tad muddy underfoot lol, so we might leave it for today.



Paula said...

Good job you made of this.
I love decorating.
How do you get your You Tube like that. I have tried to add it to my second blog & all I get is a stupid block that only opens at the top of the page!!!

Terrie Knibb said...

Been looking at radiator covers as well, but may have to make them ourselves as they're for storage heaters so need to be a bit wider.

What do you mean might have to leave the car boot - have you no spirit of adventure?