Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Secret Surprise

I am making a secret surprise that my crafty friends don't know about - Lou was trying to guess, but no way am I going to tell yet ssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! It will take me awhile, but I am enjoying it. I will show you when its finished ,...

I have put a few more pics on my other blog
They are of our honeymoon is California - they just give a taste of the fantastic trip. I hope you like them, but to be honest i do so brbrbrbrbrbrb to you - That was a raspberry by the way lol.

Not much else to report - thunderstorms here at the moment, and its gone very dark.

I also have another surprise to come, that myself and a group of friends are working on - but more about that another time.

Back to my PC game - Oblivion


Veronica xx


Paula said...

You tease!!
Can't wait to see what your up to.x

Veronica said...

This is it - hope you like it xxxxx