Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sunday afternoon

Lovely day today - the sun is shining, and all is well with the world lol. We touched up the paintwork this morning, so we are ready to lay the floor tomorrow. Did a bit of tidying up and some washing, had a lovely shower, so now gonna have a play with photoshop.

I am going to try to use manipulated photos to create an art canvas... Don't know if it will work, but always wanted to have a go. I don't know why, but its always the special image that gets my work flow juices running. I remember when the Guinness advert first came out - you know the one with the horses - I was mesmerized - absolutely brilliant. I used that to inspire a few pieces of work at the time. I might even go back to it.
If I manage anything, I will post it on here.

I meant to say, did you watch Joseph last night? I was so pleased Lee won - I liked him from the start - he even looks like Joseph lol.
I watched the finale of Lost, yesterday. What a great show - will Jack go back to the island I wonder? Oh and Ugly Betty was good too lol. All the good programmes are finishing at the same time.
I sound as if all I do is watch TV - I don't honestly - just a few programmes - I am mainly on here, with a bit of eating and sleeping in between lol.

Anyway, cya later
Veronica xxx

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Paula said...

Lee was good but I was so sad as I wanted Lewis right from back before the castle in Ireland.
No idea what I'll do with Saturday nights now!!

Playing with alcohol inks but not making much yet.