Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Tasty Tuesday

I was just reading a thread on Moneysaver.co.uk, about the M&S Beefburgers with the cheese in the middle! I thought the advert was mouth watering even though I don't normally eat beefburgers. I even said to Norm that they looked nice and I could eat those now. Now apparently they are like gold in the shops - everyone is buying them lol. Talk about the power of advertising! On the MS thread they were talking about phoning the store before leaving home and asking them to keep packets for them till they arrived! OMG its only beefburgers!!

Other than that I am fine today - Norm has just gone to work for the afternoon, so am on my ownsome - GOT to have a shower - I stink !! - ran out of time yesterday...
Ooops must clear litter tray first! Maybe its that that is stinking not me hehehehehe.

Take care


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