Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Where do I start. This book came highly recommended on UK Stamper – I thought it was a bit expensive, but so many people had sung its praises that I thought I would get it – even though I am on a stash diet lol.

This is an overwhelming book! It is essential reading for anyone who dares to call himself or herself remotely 'arty'. Mind you, I haven’t read a word as yet – the beautiful photographs are a feast for the eyes, an assault on your senses, a banquet for your imagination...get the picture? You will never, ever run out of inspiration again....

The work in this book is advanced and at times intricate – and there are no instructions, BUT I would say that this book is suitable for everyone as a wonderful source of inspiration. It feeds the soul not just the mind.
I know that I will never be able to sell this book, because I will use it time and time again just to look through, and it will get really dog-eared lol.
Buy it – you won’t regret it.

Bought from Bladerubber.co.uk £22.99


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