Sunday, January 13, 2008

Sunday Sunday ......

Still dark and wet today - but my darling husband cooked me brekky today, so am feeling good.
I did a bit of my CJ yesterday - its coming together. Want to finish it today, so that I can reorganise my craft room - YES my craft room. We have decided that the second bedroom will be a craft room - heaven help anyone that comes to stay lol. Norm has moved his computer into the lounge to give me more space whoopeee, and I will prob get a few more plastic storage boxes to tidy it up a bit. We were going to decorate the room first, but after Chrissy the pennies are short, so we will wait till we can afford it.
Took a few more pics of Alfie and Daisy - they now have a scratching post, and we left an old box on the floor that they LOVE !! (They ignore the bed we bought for them lol). You can see the difference in size from Alfie on the top bed and Daisy lol. They both love to sit on the back of our leather computer chairs -trouble is when we swing round, they hang on for grim death with their claws - the backs of our pristine chairs and now covered in puncture marks!!

Hope you are all well


Veronica xx


Paula said...

Kitties are looking very happy.
I'm glad you have got ideas for the CJ. I have had to spend a whole weekend doing a team CJ as it didn't get passed to me on time. I got it Wednesday & it has to be posted this week! Once I got into my subject I was on a roll. Its just waiting for that idea to click isn't it.The last one comes this week & I hadn it over on the retreat. These last two are the hardest as I'm not sure what to do so extra stress when all I wanted to do was play with my Tim Holtz distress inks!

Terrie said...

Glad you made your decision about the craft room. What a luxury. I've still got to tidy up the bedroom where I've been crafting today.