Sunday, February 03, 2008

Art Journal 1

This is my first page of my Art Journal. I bought a small watercolour moleskine book to use, and I am going to use it often for whatever takes my fancy on the day - no rules!
Today I based my pages on an advert I saw in the Sunday Mail of a girl listening to the sea through a shell. I love the sea, it makes me feel so peaceful and serene. The colours I chose remind me of the sea too - aqua's and sand colours mixed with sunsets.
I used white gesso, watercolour crayons, gel medium, netting, and cuttings from the paper, so its a collagy effect. I am quite pleased with my first attempt. That's the point of an art journal - there is no right or wrong - you just do whatever you feel like - I love playing.

Take care



Monika said...

Gosh Veronica your blog is really inspiring. I love the newlook and I am loving seeing your creations. You are fabby :)

Flo said...

have fun with your art journal v- the first page is gorgeous

I keep meaning to start a totally no-rules journal just for me, but dont seem to be able to fit it in around all my other commitments

I must make time!!!