Saturday, February 02, 2008

Next CJ


Well I have finished my next CJ for the UK Stampers forum. It is a heart stamp, and the pages had to be based on love and reds and pinks.I struggled a bit with this one because the previous pages were so good and I wanted to do something different. I suppose I ended up being a bit cliched, and whilst the page with the woman on I am pleased with, the other page I did 3 times and I am still not very happy with it.
I based the theme on "Loveletters from my Heart", a song by Ketty Lester, which I loved many years ago. I used moonglow inks, lunar lights and soluble crayons on top, for the background. I sprayed white hessian next then put the picture( internet and altered in photoshop)on top. Then a small frame again sprayed in moonglow and gold embossed, with a shrink plastic heart.
The other page was a small domino with the word love, and small alpha tags spelling letters all covered in Sir Tims alcohol ink and diamond glaze, and looped on a wire.Below that I sprayed a mini vellum envelope to take the love letters, which were some of the song lyrics printed on to vellum.

I hope you like it.

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Hazel said...

I love the face in the frame, it's great!