Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Oh what a morning - I am a nervous wreck. I have just come back from the dentist. I HATE NEEDLES!! I was shaking and had a really bad panic attack - he was great and really took his time so that i could get the work done. My OH came with me for moral support, and that helped alot. Thank goodness thats it for now - till I break another tooth lol.
I have just tried to have a cup of tea and some toast for my brekky. Difficult with a numb mouth and tongue - I am slurping it everywhere lol.
Now to more important things - I am gradually getting my blog sorted - it takes ages doesn't it, if you want to change something. My friend Tracey from UKS is helping me change the banner - I wish i wasn't such a dumbo. Hopefully I can get it up and running today properly, fingers crossed.
Then its more sorting for Ebay - I wish I knew an easy way to sell LOADS of stash in one go - trouble is most scrapbookers are skint cos they buy lots of stash, so they can't afford anything too big in one go.
Anyway off to do some work....

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