Tuesday, November 14, 2006


I looked out of the window this morning to rain and winds, yet the sun was really trying to get through. In other words, a typical autumn day lol. I live opposite a church, and there are some lovely trees outside, just turning in colour - lovely golds and reds. Makes me glad to live in England - in so many countries they don't get the same beauty of the changing colours of the seasons. I remembered a photo I took years ago, in a park in Nuneaton, where I just seemed to catch the colours.
I can see the children running in hats gloves and scarves and wellies, kicking up the leaves, and Mum and Dad walking behind arm in arm and laughing - I wonder if this was rose coloured specs or was it really like that? Wish I had taken pics at the time, though I can see them in my mind. The smokey smell is still hanging in the air, after bonfire night. This was in the days when there were loads of bonfires in back gardens, family fireworks and baked potatoes with sausages mmmmmmmmm! Pity it all has changed really.

It always suprises me the photos you forget you have taken, that just get pushed into a draw and forgotten. I really must look a few out - I have a crate of them lol. All my memories.......

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Sprogpaws said...

I just found the link to your blog on the UKS blog prompt, which I've only just discovered in the last couple of days, so thought I'd pop on over.

I'm so glad you did, as your entry gave me a rush of nostalgic feelings - I remember my Mum putting baked potatoes in the oven before we went out to the bonfire display in the park in the town near us, and then coming home to eat them. That's when a baked potato was a proper baked potato, with lovely crispy skin, none of this microwaved stuff! And we used to have a small bonfire in the village too, with all our neighbours and friends. Your comments just brought all those happy memories back to me in a split second, so thanks very much for that!

And your photo's are gorgeous by the way!